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Jewelry Design Stamps

Jewelry Design Stamps

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Express yourself with the Whimsical Collections

These steel stamps are a great for jewelers, crafts persons or businesses who want to leave a fun impression. This whimsical collection of design metal stamps is optimized to leave clear imprints on jewelry tags, product branding tags and other metal products. Learn more...

Add some flair to your creations.

Add an emotional touch with emoji stamps from the Facey Collection, fly out of this world with the Spacey Collection or go a little extra with the Fun Stuff. And seasonal collections like Halloweeny is available because the fun does not stop.

Complete your set with metal stamping tools.

These steel stamps work well with a bench block and a ball peen hammer or mallet. Stamp holders are also available for purchase with your order. The ball-peen hammer is a great accessory for metalworking and is ideal for striking steel hand stamps. The handheld stamp holder is a great tool for holding a metal stamp in place. And the steel bench block provides a solid, stable surface for stamping metal pieces.

Product Details

  • Ideal for marking jewelry or product branding tags
  • Made from quality tooling metal
  • Made in-house, right here in the U.S.A.
  • Stamps are produced with a sharp face for ease of stamping, clarity of marks, and deeper penetration
  • Stamp face is raised .025" and beveled to avoid or minimize ghosting
  • Available image sizes: .112" or .197" (3mm or 5mm)

Stamps are ready within 6 business days after your submit your order online.

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