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Hand Stamp Holder

Hand Stamp Holder

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The hand stamp holder is a practical tool designed for inserting a hand stamp in its steel jaw and securing it in place. When the hand stamp is struck with a hammer, this holder eliminates the chance of the hammer accidentally hitting the user's hand. It is a safety tool that adds protection for anyone using hand stamps.

These holders are fitted with screwdriver-like handles for an easy and safe grip. The holder is intended for larger stamps (made of blanks between 3/16" to 13/16 sq. inch thick).

Hand Stamp Holders are easy to use and most effective for providing added safety for anyone using steel hand stamps.


  • Secure grip plastic handle with threaded bolt fitted with steel jaw.
  • Simple and easy to use design
  • Provides protection when striking a hand stamp with a hammer
  • Holds blanks 3/16" to 13/16" sq.


Also see 16 oz. Ball Peen Hammer for optimal stamping 

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