Metal Stamps

Handheld metal stamps are perfect for marking metal surfaces.

Design Metal Stamps are convenient, durable, and dependable marking tools for metal surfaces. Whether marking aluminum, brass, gold, silver, or stainless steel, these handheld steel stamps are optimized for leaving clear reproduction of custom or stock artwork. Each order is reviewed to ensure clear marks for the intended size and material. We provide assistance and guidance as needed to deliver a product that exceeds the quality requirements for your project. 

Handheld metal stamps are designed to leave clear imprints.

Designed to leave clear imprints of custom or standard artwork, these metal stamps are durable and dependable. Each metal stamp is made using tempered steel and ships approximately 10 business days after receiving proof approval. Accessories like the ball peen hammer, handheld stamp holder, or bench block complement these metal stamps and extend their versatility.

Handheld metal stamps are optimized to leave clear marks.
Handheld Metal Stamps start at $49.95.

Each metal stamp is custom made to order per your specifications. We use a manufacturing process that allows us to reproduce artwork with very high detail and quality. Our experienced Graphics Department reviews each artwork to ensure the stamp will produce clear marks depending on the material being marked. The stamp face is raised approximately 0.025" (0.63mm) to avoid or minimize ghosting.